The Genomes to Natural Products Network (GNPN) is made up of cross-disciplinary research teams selected by NIGMS in collaboration with leading experts from academia, government, and industry. The Network is governed by the Steering Committee and guided by the External Scientific Advisory Committee. The mission of the GNPN is as follows.

Scientific objectives

  • Identify common goals and barriers to progress for natural product discovery
  • Advance our current understanding of biosynthetic pathways, regulatory networks, and chemical scaffolds encoded in natural product producers' genomes
  • Develop new tools, model production organisms and chemical methods for high-throughput and broadly applicable natural product production and characterization
  • Test novel approaches for the rapid determination of the potential of an organism as a natural product producer

To promote the dissemination of results and synergy between the funded groups, the GNPN also aims to:

  • Establish a common website and data reporting mechanisms for all funded projects
  • Foster communication and resources availability among the GNPN members and with the outside community
  • Raise awareness of the individual projects' achievements in the greater scientific community
  • Build relationships with new partners that enhance the research projects and benefit the field as a whole
  • Organize an annual GNPN meeting, as well as ad hoc workshops and sessions at conferences relevant to natural product discovery