The GNPN is composed of full members from the multidisciplinary project teams funded by NIGMS, and will soon add affiliate members as described below.

Affiliate members

The GNPN is currently accepting nominations for affiliate members. In addition to self-nominations, affiliate members may be nominated by full members or directly by the NIGMS Project Coordinator. Nominations will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and recommended to the NIGMS Program Official for approval. Affiliate members may be researchers from the non-profit or for-profit sectors. The GNPN Steering Committee may set a cap on the number of for-profit affiliate members. Affiliate membership of early career investigators is highly encouraged, but should not constitute the majority of the non-profit affiliates.

Scientists selected as affiliate members are expected to:

  • Perform state-of-the-art science in research areas pertinent to GNPN, with high priority for those possessing expertise┬ácomplementary to that of full members
  • Demonstrate interest, willingness and availability to participate fully in the GNPN
  • Provide evidence of successful and significant cross-disciplinary collaboration

Benefits to the affiliate members include:

  • Participation in the GNPN Annual Meeting for a confidential, closed-door event open to members and invited guests only
  • Access to the resources generated by GNPN members prior to publication (under mutual agreement)
  • Opportunities to collaborate with active members in the field from varied scientific backgrounds, addressing challenges in natural products research
  • Initiation and/or participation in GNPN activities that will impact the Natural Products research and the broader Natural Products community

Nomination package should include:

  • Nominee's CV
  • One-page description of how the GNPN would benefit from the nominee's membership
  • Signed GNPN Member Agreement

Complete nomination packages may be submitted to a member of the GNPN Steering Committee via e-mail.