Jon Clardy  
Harvard University

The Clardy laboratory focuses on biologically active small molecules,
especially those from bacteria and fungi with an overall goal of
understanding how small molecules control biological processes.

Arthur Edison  
University of Georgia

The Edison lab uses metabolomics and natural products chemistry to
understand the chemical basis of behavior. They leverage the extensive
understanding of the C. elegans worm in their metabolomics studies to
understand the role of small molecules in the C. elegans development and

Jasper Rine  
University of California Berkeley

The research in Dr. Rine's lab is centered on the epigenetic mechanisms
by which the information in a genome is expressed in a manner that is stable
and heritable through cell division. Using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
and the powerful genetic, genomic, and proteomic approaches that are so facile
in this organism, the Rine Lab studies the nature of chromatin in specialized
domains of the yeast genome, how it is assembled and modified, and how these
modifications affect its expression, replication and repair.

John Mulligan  
Good Therapeutics, Inc.

Dr. John Mulligan has over 20 years of experience in biotechnology industry
during which he has (co)-founded 4 companies (Blue Heron Biotechnology,
Cambrian Genomics, Glycostasis, and Good Therapeutics). He is currently the
founder and CEO of Good Therapeutics, a start-up biotechnology company
engineering proteins that, as the result of binding to a specific biomarker or
metabolite, undergo activation of a therapeutic domain. Dr. Mulligan scientific
expertise spans from drug discovery, genetics and synthetic biology.